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Strengthening the association’s activities through an established online presence, updating the members, sharing educational materials



The Challenge

Introducing an effective and fast means to reach its members was the need of the hour, with members spread across the country, and keeping them updated on the association’s activities and new subject advancements


A customized website was created for the association to keep its members updated. Also reintroduced was the Journal of IFUMB with rich academic contents, which leveraged the knowledge sharing among the members. The journal was given a digital extension, which made it more accessible to the members. Besides, the association’s events are boosted through extensive promotional activities with Color Doppler playing the creative partner. Targeted social media campaigns are run to reach a wider audience.


With a dynamic website and academic journal, the association now proudly boasts an increased popularity among its members. The journal brought in more revenue to the association which paved the way for the betterment of the association and its activities. The targeted social media campaigns reach out to a wider public, resulting in an extensive promotion of the association.

2016 Color Doppler Media Pvt. Ltd. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED