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Royal Wedding for Every Indian Bride

To create a brand conversation around the wedding and bridal collection for a brand lift ahead of the most crucial season – the bridal season -- of the year.


A campaign which has got a massive reputation covering weddings from every region of the country, the planning of the campaign was in need of the something beyond the normal stuff.


ROYAL WEDDING FOR EVERY INDIAN BRIDE Royal Weddings inspired from Five Regal Ages of India


India, famous for its rich ornate history, has a tradition of reinventing its ornaments and fashion from age to age, creating new trends at every stage of human evolution to the modern, technology-driven men and women we see today. It is not one big leap. It grows step by step, complementing everything that was once present, with something new. Every addition surpasses time, and many a time the old did not become old.

As we moved from one age to another, we lost some of our enviable ornaments to time.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds, in its fifth edition of Brides of India series, travels back in time to fetch some of them and reinvent, recreate and retouch them for the present times. Inspired by the ornaments that existed during five regal ages of India – Gupta, Vijayanagara, Mughal, Colonial Era and early 20th Century, we have reinvented the royal ornaments for the princesses of today, the brides. The old is not as it is. The old is in its new form now, for every Indian bride to treasure and adorn on her big day, because we wish a Royal Wedding for Every Indian Bride!


Gupta Age

The regal opulence of ‘Golden Age of India’ has been invoked in the ornaments recreated for the bride of today with inspiration from Ajanta & Ellora Cave paintings and the temple architecture of the glorious days.

Vijayanagara Empire

The 13th century kingdom that encompassed the entire southern belt of India has been brought to life as art through the intricate recreation of ornaments worn by the female royals back then. Thanjavur art in its classicality has been recreated for the bride of today.

Mughal Empire

Moving ahead to the times of Mughal splendour where the rarest of stones and uncut diamonds made to the treasure troves of royalty, the same luxury has been recreated for the brides of today.

Colonial Era

Carrying the nostalgia of the Victorian period, the ornaments for this age add the elegant glimmer of diamonds to a bride’s ornaments of today.

20th Century Kingdoms

The poise, grace and beauty of the yester year’s Maharanis and their exquisite jewels has been retouched and recreated for the brides of contemporary age. Today’s bride can soak herself in the ornamental luxury of this age now.



Every bride has a dream, which many a time get merged and diluted in the wishes of many others in the family. The video talks this feeling emotionally by presenting a bride-to-be who wants to have a royal wedding with stage décor like during the Vijayanagara age painting, photoshoot like Mumtaz Mahal and groom’s house entry like a princes in the 20th century. Initially everybody turns down the dream of the princess. But, on her big day, she realizes that the family was making everything like she wanted to her big surprise. The video ends with a message: Royal Wedding for every Indian Bride As a brand we stand with every bride and wish for a royal wedding for all of them. And, we provide them an opportunity to adorn the royal Jewellery.

Print communication

Showcasing five brides representing each regal age with a contemporary touch, the brand showcases ornaments inspired by each age. The copy communicates that the ornaments are available at our stores under Brides of India collection.

Social media conversation

We would like to have social media conversations around the dream of the bride, the princess of today! Many a times, due to the patriarchal structure of our society, the bride's dream has always been the last choice. A conversation around the same would be ideal for social conversations.

Coffee table book

We will also launch a coffee table book that speaks about each age, its ornament history, the contemporary version of the same and the modern bride adorning them. The content of the same will also be available on our digital platforms.


More than 10 millions of impressions in comments and engagements within the first six days on social media alone!

Social Media - Facebook 6 million impressions in 6 days
YouTube #1 Trending for the first two days
Communication Media All praises for the campaign on communication magazines
Malabar Gold comes third in Unmetric Engagement metre, an analytics based on user interactions.
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